Thursday, September 22, 2011

why hello, mudbox

I just started doodling around in the 3D Digital Sculpting package known as "Mudbox," and this cool looking bust of a surly Frogman came out. Here's some of the images that came up in my reference search (thank you internet! also, I don't own any of the images below: all rights go to their respective owners and blah blah copyright jibber jabber):
Naruto! narutoads?
hmm... Battletoads? 
This frog neck is what nightmares are made of.
Imagine how many babies he could fit in there if it was fully extended.

If you actually made it to the bottom of this post to read this, then you sir/madam are a trooper. Thanks for coming around to look at my art! Comment and post your best joke and see if you can beat my Jorge Lucas one. 

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