Friday, December 18, 2009

Character Design Final

Snow Balla
Hockey Zombie

A spunky, Canadian, elementary-school age girl assumes the role of a super-hero when a mysteriously evil team of super-powered, zombie, snowman hockey players begins terrorizing her small, south Albertan town by turning the local populace into mindless, snowman zombies. The only way for the self-christened “Snow Balla” to save her friends and neighbors from the curse of the zombies is to throw “love”-infused snowballs at their frozen hearts (which immobilizes them), and then she must shout “I want to be your friend” (which shatters the enchantment). She is accompanied by a trusty hamster, that when given a special sugar-frosted food pellet transforms into a gigantic, yeti-like monstrosity capable of smashing down walls and immobilizing zombies with earth-shaking roars.


Jocelyn said...

Ezra, this is awesome! Good job!

Aaron Ludwig said...

Tale as old as time. Well done.

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