Sunday, October 6, 2013

Follow me on Instagram!

Haha, not really... But it's over on Instagram that I've been posting a lot of my latest art and stuff. I just find it too convenient to sketch a little something on my phone and immediately post it to Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. On that note, I'll give this blog a bit of an update with just a few highlights from the past few months.

You might notice that some of these sketches are symmetrical, and that's because they were done using the mirror function on my 4.7" HTC 4G LTE screen in the SketchBook Mobile Express app. And the funky filters and fake depth of field are from the Instagram app itself, because in reality all of the sketches were done on the exact same grayscale background.

Right now I'm in the midst of working on my daily Inktober sketches, which I'm also posting on my IG account, and I'll probably compile a bunch for another blog post in a little bit.

Either way, thanks for looking!

Dwarven Beard
Medieval RoboCop
Nose/Ear Face
More Bushy Beard

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