Thursday, January 26, 2012

wip Skyrim inspired Mass Effect armor

Looks pretty good to me

I've started on my next big personal project: Skyrim inspired Mass Effect Armor. Pardon the sketchiness of my concept, but I usually try to get my ideas out on paper as fast as possible so I can get to the 3d modeling part that much quicker. I usually have a pretty good picture in my head of what I'm going for, so if I know that I'll be modeling my own concept, the concepting stage doesn't last very long. That isn't saying I'm good at it, just that I do it quickly... So, just finishing up the low-poly modeling on the helmet and chest piece, guess I'll be moving on to the arms and legs now. And here's a couple images to show my references:

Thank you, Google Image Search
And thank you, Mass Effect Wiki
Also, Kolby Jukes, and Jaemus Wurzbach. I WANT TO WORK AT BIOWARE SO BAD!


EDIT: More updates!


Ryan said...

do eet ezra! hope all is goin well dude. i liked your bust in the last post!

Thomarvelous said...

You know, if you'd like a REAL version of this armor that you can wear, I would be able to make it, given access to low poly versions of your models.
Just a thought.

Awesome work nonetheless,
-Thom (

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