Thursday, September 8, 2011


Yup, I suppose this could be considered progress. His arms are about halfway done, and his legs have yet to be started. My long weekend was pretty awesome, involving good friends and my first ever outdoor rock-climbing expedition (FUN!). Oh, and I saw Super 8 for the first time at the local dollar theater here in Provo. It was good. And I watched Memento (2000) last night with some work friends instead of working on my art stuff. That movie made me think about how I think about things. It was cool.

I'm realizing now how out of shape my character modeling skills have gotten. And my eye for human anatomy = also quite rusty... *sigh... at least I'm working on it, though I wish I hadn't let this digression go on for so long.

Stagnation and mediocrity leads to greater frustration, and I am perpetually reminded that my present existence is plagued with all three.

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