Tuesday, February 21, 2012

figure sketchings

I went to a figure drawing session recently, and these are the pieces that are at least somewhat decent. I used Prismacolor pencil and markers for these.

Saturday, February 11, 2012

goblin doodles

these goblins... they look so romantic, just like valentines day ads when you're single.

So remember that post where I was making some skyrim/mass effect armor? ya, turns out my hard-surface modeling skills are really terrible, so I'm putting that project on hold while I practice on stuff that's a bit closer to my skill level. My latest project idea was inspired by the great Tyson Murphy (it's basically a rip-off of this). But my goals are a bit more realistic, just one little goblin dude, minimal armor (helmet, loincloth [gotta cover up dem gens], maybe other bits and pieces), and a weapon. Simple, right?

Proportion exploration

armor + warpaint

just armor
sketching with zspheres

refining the zsphere sketch

the base form sculpt

Thursday, February 9, 2012

art tests = job? nope.

Final Composition

Rough Layout

Spaceship Concepts

Spacesuit Concepts

I have no idea how many art tests I'm going to have to do to get a job. Not. Even. The. Foggiest. The brief for this one was pretty good. Here's the assignment that I was given:

"In the time-frame of no more than 8 hours of contiguous work, create the following full-color illustration using the medium of your choice: A whimsical spaceship in the shape of a common household object (such as a teapot), complete with inhabitants, has crash-landed on an alien - yet familiar-looking - world. The characters should be engaged in either exploring the environment or repairing their ship. The Filament Games corporate logo should be prominently displayed on the side of the ship. Submit your rough sketches and concepts as well."

Yup, still looking for work. It's kind of interesting how this assignment was so much like the assignments I would get in Joe Olson's class. LOL FUNNY

what's this? another art test?

Over on the 2d side of things, an art test for a Facebook game studio. These are props designed to be cute and  to fit an Easter theme. My first time really doing vector art, so just more learning and stuff.

Here's another art test

I just noticed that I didn't post this character artist test from a while ago. This one was actually quite difficult because of the restrictions (500 tris, 128 diffuse map, 20 bones), because it was for a mobile game studio. Kinda fun, kinda not. More learning, I guess. This is probably the first time I modeled a character after a real life person.

Art tests are cool

Looking at this environment artist test now, it's actually quite bad, and I did a lot of things that REAL environment artists would NEVER do. But by going through this rather long/arduous process, I learned a LOT. One of those things I learned is that I have absolutely no idea what I'm doing when it comes to environment art (Texel Density, ya never really payed much attention to that...). So these models were provided by the game studio, but all the textures are mine.

Anyways, even though I did a bunch of pointless work and didn't get the job, what I took away from the experience was knowledge and... power? (knowledge = power, right?) Art tests are SO COOL

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Life Drawing and then some

normal weight is normal

extreme skinny exaggeration is creepy

normal weight is... boring?

+300 lbs chubs is fun!

I'm a little ADD when it comes to Figure Drawing, so when I went up to the U of U with my buddy Hawks for their open figure drawing session, I was kind of disappointed that the whole thing was going to be one long sustained pose. But, I always try to work with what I've got, so I bounced around the room a bit getting different angles. And, with much thanks to Ryan Woodward's drawing classes at BYU, I used some drawing exercises where I played around with adding and taking away weight from the model to focus on drawing anatomy from memory/imagination.

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