Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Batman Boards

Here's another assignment from Ryan's Advanced Storyboarding. Batman is probably my favorite superhero. Some would say he's not a "superhero" because he doesn't have super-powers. But I say that he has super-detective powers. He's always well prepared in order to win a fight... but put him up against my other favorite hero, Wolverine... and I really can't decide who would win.

Beat-boards for Adv Storyboarding Final

Ryan Woodward gave us a script, and told us to illustrate 5 significant images to convey the mood and feel of the piece. Here's my take on the following:

PLOT SYNOPSIS: Strange uncle introduces a cursed bat amulet to the family. The amulet has the power to grant any 3 wishes, but at a terrible cost.
Son (James) becomes captivated by it, demands the uncle give him the amulet.
James uses amulet to wish his mother money, but dies because of it.
The grief-stricken mother demands her husband to wish their son back from the grave.
A zombiefied James returns to his mother's rejoice, but the horrified father uses their last wish to banish the monster. The father instantly regrets losing his son again, which is his tragic consequence of his wish.

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