Saturday, May 22, 2010

this is an art blog, riiight?

ha, and just because this IS an art blog, here are some "Work In Progress" shots of a crowd model I'm doing for our Senior Film: Butcher'd Meats.
There is still a lot of things that need a LOT of work. But like I said, he's a work in progress. Sorry about the extremely lengthy post preceding this one... I just felt I had to do it, LOL. 


O-M-Goodness, I got an internship

So I was reeally hoping to get picked up this summer for an internship making video games. I applied at just about every place I could think of and waited anxiously for their replies. I started getting some rejection letters, and then I saw a lot of my fellow animators here at BYU getting some really sweet deals with some awesome studios (i.e. Microsoft Games, Disney Interactive, BLIZZARD... and they totally deserve it, too; they're much better artists than me, lol), and I was starting to think that there wasn't going to be a place that would accept me. :(

However, if the gigantic image at the header of this post gave you any clue, this past week I was incredibly blessed and so ridiculously lucky as to receive an offer from the wonderful people at Sony Online Entertainment to work in their Denver, CO studio!!! My interviewer/future supervisor told me that I'd be working full-time on an exciting new project involving the Magic: The Gathering trading card game, which just so happens to be one of my guilty pleasures! Even now after the initial rush has worn off, it is still hard to contain my excitement and sheer giddiness at the thought of this amazing opportunity that has been so miraculously placed in front of me.

Exhibit A:

HA! So these days I've been spending my in-between time reading and filling out the paperwork they sent me (there's a lot...) and trying to plan how everything is going to work out, logistically, financially, etc. If anyone reading this knows of some good deals on housing near the Coors Field area of Denver and the best ways to get around, I would greatly appreciate any and all advice concerning these things.

Thanks everyone who follows this blog and for showing your support throughout these past few years. I feel so overwhelmed by the immense magnitude of all these blessings and opportunities that have been provided for me - getting into BYU, getting into the BYU Animation program, learning from such great professors, having such great friends and classmates, having loving and supportive family members - it is just all too much!  Thank you all for getting me to where I am today!

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