Thursday, February 9, 2012

art tests = job? nope.

Final Composition

Rough Layout

Spaceship Concepts

Spacesuit Concepts

I have no idea how many art tests I'm going to have to do to get a job. Not. Even. The. Foggiest. The brief for this one was pretty good. Here's the assignment that I was given:

"In the time-frame of no more than 8 hours of contiguous work, create the following full-color illustration using the medium of your choice: A whimsical spaceship in the shape of a common household object (such as a teapot), complete with inhabitants, has crash-landed on an alien - yet familiar-looking - world. The characters should be engaged in either exploring the environment or repairing their ship. The Filament Games corporate logo should be prominently displayed on the side of the ship. Submit your rough sketches and concepts as well."

Yup, still looking for work. It's kind of interesting how this assignment was so much like the assignments I would get in Joe Olson's class. LOL FUNNY

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