Saturday, February 11, 2012

goblin doodles

these goblins... they look so romantic, just like valentines day ads when you're single.

So remember that post where I was making some skyrim/mass effect armor? ya, turns out my hard-surface modeling skills are really terrible, so I'm putting that project on hold while I practice on stuff that's a bit closer to my skill level. My latest project idea was inspired by the great Tyson Murphy (it's basically a rip-off of this). But my goals are a bit more realistic, just one little goblin dude, minimal armor (helmet, loincloth [gotta cover up dem gens], maybe other bits and pieces), and a weapon. Simple, right?

Proportion exploration

armor + warpaint

just armor
sketching with zspheres

refining the zsphere sketch

the base form sculpt

1 comment:

Tyler Hawks said...

The are bad ass! As I said before, your point vector system is awesome.

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