Thursday, October 18, 2012

ArenaNet Art Test 2013

This is where I'll be putting my WIP images for my application to the latest ArenaNet internship program. It was a huge relief when they moved their deadline from Oct. 20 to Nov. 14.

I've been learning a lot as I've been going along, and learning is good. Not always the easiest or most fun thing to do, but that's how it goes, eh?

Concept provided by ArenaNet:
3.5 weeks worth of modeling/sculpting
detail of wear/tear pass 1
detail of wear/tear pass 2
detail of wear/tear pass 3
tweaked proportions, details, fabric
retopo, uvs, baking: front
added alpha cards and misc accessory stuff

1 comment:

Tyler Hawks said...

Absolutely incredible Lau man. You nailed it.

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