Thursday, March 31, 2011

Mudbox Sculpting

Here's a vampire bat head I sculpted out using Mudbox. I'm going to try and post up my practice sculpts to see if I can get any critiques on my 3D sculpting skills, as I am very new to the whole thing.

Oh, and in other news... I just had an interview for an internship with the guys up at Disney Interactive Studios in Salt Lake. It was pretty cool. Joe Olson was even there. But also a very sad day, because the SOE Denver studio was closed down. Best wishes to all you great people who helped me out during my summer internship last year.

One last image: Inca Temple WIP


Aurelia said...

That's one creepy looking bat! They get such a bad rap. Had no idea there was a Disney studio in Salt Lake. Very cool. Hope the interview went well-keep us posted. Sorry to hear about your friends @ SOE-Denver. Excited for your graduation *this* month!

Danny Allen said...

Nasty bat. I didn't know you did mudbox. It looks pretty cool

Danny Allen said...

Oh yeah, I remembered that I was going to say that it reminds me of the star-nosed mole. I saw that on Planet Earth

Andrew Glazebrook said...

Neat work !! Cool blog !!

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