Friday, November 20, 2009

perspective: the way in which objects appear to the eye based on their spatial attributes

So there's the "official" definition... but i still have my doubts. 2pt perspective theme: "Caravan of Awesomeness in the Dessert." 3pt perspective theme: "A Place of Evil." You'll wanna full-size those bad boys.

Whoa, did you know that there's a new updated Post Editor for Blogger??


Tyson Murphy said...

very nice, young man!

Aurelia said...


how nice that there's a "new" post editor for blogger
but it's still gimp on macs
what are they, anti-macs?
it still won't let me upload vids from my computer without having to workaround with youtube

Joel Deehr said...

Ezra, I really like the first one. like, REALLY! That would be sweet to paint.

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