Monday, November 9, 2009

Heroes and Villains

Non-Stereotypical Heroes and Villains

Snow Balla - Heroine
The Evil Flying Squirrel - Villain
The Dock Worker - Hero
Cloaked Cowl - Female Villain

Stereotypical Heroes and Villains

Lightning - Heroine
Gladiator (Gladly-Mutilates... bad things only, tho) - Hero
Deadly Leather - Female Villain
Dr. Brain Steam - Villain

cool FUN! but difficult...


Jack and Bernice said...

Loooove the snowballer!! Anyway I can get some color on that one? I want to put it on a T-shirt with the caption...Can-Asian and proud of it! :o)

Aurelia said...

totally with B on this one! ditto ditto ditto!

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