Wednesday, September 26, 2012

some quick concepts

The idea is a 3rd person fixed-camera tactical squad-based shooter game, but we needed something visual to keep the ball rolling. These are some rough style explorations as we're talking about target audience and logistic issues. I'm leaning towards the simplified, "cartoony" version, not only to avoid any COD or BF comparisons, but I just like the way it feels.

Oh, and are there any game-devs out there (art or programming or whatever backgrounds) available to help out on a neat, little side project? Me and this guy might be looking for some people in the near-ish future.


keviN said...

simplified "cartoony" version FTW!!
feels better to me too.

might be nice if all the squad/shooter guys had goggles over the face/faces covered in some way.. makes them feel more robo-like and easier to except dieing.. whereas the same version with the face uncovered might look more like a kid.. and who wants to see a kid killing stuff/being killed??

Ezra Lau said...

that's definitely an important consideration, kevin. Thanks so much for the comment!

yeah, kids killing things and being killed seems like a weird concept, but these guys seem to be running wild with it haha!

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