Tuesday, August 30, 2011

blog lovin time

Wow, my last post was around 3 months ago. Sheesh. Well anyways, with a bunch of my friends going back to school today, I figured I should set some new goals for myself and push my artistic boundaries. So each day I'll be doing a sketch or some type of art activity, and I'll be posting my progress here as a means to hold myself accountable to you, the people/robots/sentient beings of the internet.

Meet Ninja Pan, an interrupted clone experiment that will never age, with his AI guide TNC (Training/Nurturing Computer; pronounced "tink").  This is the futuristic/Asian/street culture restyling of the classic Peter Pan story. Stay tuned for more art featuring Pirate Mercenaries, Mutant-spliced Savages, and the crumbling vestiges of Earth's civilizations. I figure that if I'm going to be making art on a regular basis, I might as well think up a theme to base them all on. The story line is still in production, but I'll be posting more soon.

Used Photoshop to draw the character, about 45 minutes total.


Aurelia said...

Totally loving this idea/concept. Can't wait to see how you develop it.

Taylor Chambers said...

I'm excited for this! He looks rad!

Ezra Lau said...

Ah thank you so much, Aurelia. And thank you, Taylor. I'm pretty excited to see where this all goes, too!

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