Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Joe's Class 3.0, 1st assignment

Drawn to the theme of "Rodent Herdsmen of the Burning Desert".
Top: Prismacolor pencil, scanned into Photoshop CS5. Total time taken: 10-15 mins.
Bottom: Prismacolor pencil, Mars-Staedtler felt liners, Prismacolor tonal markers, touchups in Photoshop CS5. Total time taken: 4-5 hrs.

Well, this here is my LAST semester in the awesome BYU Animation Program. And what better way to end the amazing journey than to take my favorite class a THIRD and final time? The Great Joe Olson has even made (slight) changes to the class, so now it's even better than before!

And have you even heard of a JERBOA before? I tried searching for "desert rodent" and this cute little guy popped up. Enjoy!

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