Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Sketch comp - Serious

I skipped a week, cuz last week's was excessively crappy. This past week's assignment was "Serious." Here it is. Top left was a sketch page of the first idea that came to me when I thought of 'serious.' The two sober-looking folks sitting next to each other other at bottom left are Taylor and Nicole, as the three of us were riding the Trax to a Mae concert at the Avalon. Top right would be the friendly yet serious and imposing bouncer man. Bottom right is Dave, the lead singer/guitarist for Mae during the acoustic set after the main show (he's serious about being awesome). Mae is a pretty sweet band, y'all should check them out:  http://www.whatismae.com/


Chelsea Stebar said...

That sketch with the police officers is pretty sweet, yo.

Aaron Ludwig said...

Very loose work. I like it.

Tyson Murphy said...

yes ezra. yeesssssssss.

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