Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Recent Assignments from Joe's class

Well, these things always come out in reverse order, so starting from the bottom, a design and composition assignment (felt good to do designy stuff again). 

Second is an "Imaginary Friend" themed assignment incorporating design principles (i.e. balance, contrast, continuity, etc). Yup, if I had imaginary friends, they'd be a crew of highly trained assassins, at one with the night and akin to forces of nature. 

Third is a 1 pt perspective exercise based on the theme "The Scene of the Crime". Sorry if the story isn't very readable.. but the story is that a mafia boss and his crew just capped some narcs and threw them into some shark infested waters. 


The Rabidmilkman said...

Cool stuff. Your imaginary friends could probably beat up mine any day of the week.
I like the background on the crime piece.

Tyson Murphy said...

very nice, ezraaa

The Python said...

Man, I am so uncool that I don't even have IMAGINARY friends. And your's are super-awesome assassins? That's just not even fair! And I like the man-eating sharks, very eerie and edgy!

Danny Allen said...

nice designs. The top left reminds me of tire treads. off of the ninja mobile

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